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らーめん 山頭火 北1条チカホ店
Santouka Ramen
North 1 Chikaho store
Odori Station
5 min. walk from Odori Station (Namboku Subway Line).

Just off Chikaho! A famous pork bone soup stock that you can't miss.

You'll never get tired of Santouka's smooth, delicious pork bone soup. Aside from their famous salt flavored ramen, they also have new miso and soy flavors only available in the Sapporo store, with a mixture of eastern and western styles. The chashu pork includes juicy cheek meat and differs depending on the ramen.
Another reason for their popularity is the special menu from 5:00pm to match office schedules. There are around 50 other items on the menu to enjoy with your ramen, a match for any izakaya.

Brara coupon
FREE choice of
  • soft-boiled egg /
  • large serving /
  • extra pork
* Only in the kita 1 Chikaho store
* The expire date 29th Feb. 2020
Please show the coupon to the staff when visiting the shop or eating place.
*Services and terms of use may differ according to the shop or eating place. Please confirm them before you use.
*Each coupon can be available once for a group or person.
*Coupons can't be used together with other ones.
*Coupons can't be available without receiving the main service of the shop or eating place.
札幌市中央区北1条西4丁目2-2 札幌ノースプラザ地下1階(チカホ直結)
Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, Kita 1-jo, Nishi 4-chome, 2-2, Sapporo North Plaza B1 (off Chikaho)
11:30am - 10:00pm (L.O. at 9:30 pm),
Sunday and Holidays: 11:30am - 3:00pm (L.O. at 2:30 pm)
Open throughout the year.
No included.
Credit card/ VISA, Master, AMEX, DC, Union Pay